From 50GB to 2TB How Big of a Hard Drive Do I Need?

When purchasing a computer or having one custom built, it is always important to consider the hard drive capacity. While the addition of external drives makes it easy to store and have access to terabytes of information, the low cost and convenience of a large internal hard drive can really pay off in the long run, as file sizes of digital photos, games, movies, applications, and other files can quickly swallow consume all the available space on smaller drives.

 It’s unlikely that you are going to use your computer for one single thing. Most computers and laptops today come equipped with a bevy of components dedicated to multimedia and digital photos to reflect the needs of a more technologically advanced society. Computers today are utilized to watch and store photos and movies, music files, games, and many other applications, all which require varying degrees of hard drive space.hard drives

 High quality digital photos, HD movie files, and games all utilize a serious amount of HD space, and a hard drive as small as 50GB is all but nonexistent and insufficient on most computers.  For basic storage needs, such as Word files, spreadsheets or PDFs, and some applications, you’ll want to make sure that your computer comes equipped with a hard drive that provides at least 120GB of space.

 If you anticipate storing or working with a small amount of multimedia files, such as graphics or digital video, then you’ll probably want to opt for a hard drive that provides anywhere from 300GB to 500GB of space.

 If you are heavily into gaming, music, and downloading movies and TV shows, then you’ll want to ensure you don’t run out of space and opt for a 1TB hard drive or more.

gaming computer

 Regardless of what size hard drive you choose, you’ll also need to consider the speed of the drive. Most drives have a speed of 7200rpm. This suitable for running the majority of applications and games currently available. Serious gamers may want to check out the newer high capacity drives that offer even higher rpm speeds.