Top 10 PC Games for Kids

While a gaming computer can take you to battlefields of World War II or to the mythical lands of World Of Warcraft, gaming computers can also be a great way to teach children reading comprehension, strategy and critical thinking. Here are the top 10 PC games for kids.

 Gaming Computers and Gaming Consoles1) ITzABiTZA
ITzABiTZA is a great game for children because it helps them reading skills, drawing and creativity. This game allows children to interact with the characters in the game through a series of quests. This game makes children read different passages from the characters and watch their drawings come to life.

 2) Cake Mania 3
Cake Mania 3 is rated E for Everyone so all children can enjoy it. Your child will play as Jill, a very talented pastry chef. While she is prepping for an upcoming wedding, she is taken back in time. The game takes children the revolutionary France and ancient China while Jill must bake her way back to the future.

 3) Nancy Drew: Warnings At Waverly Place.
Nancy Drew has been a staple of the fiction section for more than 40 years. This game offers kids the same mystery, but with an interactive format. Kids can follow Nancy as she tries to uncover the mystery at Waverly Academy Preparatory School.  Kids will find clues and use strategy to solve the mystery.

 4) Babysitting Mania
This game allows kids to play the role of a babysitter named Stacy. Stacy takes on babysitting jobs so that she can make enough money for a telescope. Kids can help Stacy take care of the children during her jobs. Some of the activities involve doing laundry, cleaning up messes and keeping up with the most active kids in the game.

 5) Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
This game is recommended for kids that are 10 and older. This game allows kids to play as the stars of Star Wars. The game is set around the Lego format and kids can reenact scenes from the Star Wars movies. Players can also use the different Legos throughout the game to build spaceships.

 6) My Sims
The Sims has been one of the most successful PC games ever. This version of The Sims allows kids to interact with other players online. Kids can build houses and get jobs. Children can also use up to 8 players in every scene.

 7) Littlest Pet Shop
This game is great for children because it allows them to run their very own pet shop.  Kids can choose from up to 32 different pets. When a player completes the different puzzles they have access to different pets and different toys they can play with.

 8) Tales Of Monkey Island
Tales Of Monkey Island is a great game for kids. This game allows you to play as Guybrush Threepwood, a pirate that is searching for treasure.  Kids can complete the different puzzles and challenges in search of the ultimate treasure.

 9) Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup
This game comes from the world of Harry Potter and allows kids to experience the magic, competition and speed of Quidditch. This game can be played with up to 7 different players that fly on broomsticks and compete simultaneously.

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 10) Finding Nemo
This game comes with voices from the original movie. Kids will enjoy the different challenges in the game while using critical thinking and creativity. This game is rated E for Everyone.