Top Ten Worst PC Games

Over the years PC gaming has evolved from single player, two-dimensional games to multiplayer 3-D games. However, with all of the advances in technology, there have still been some terrible games released for the PC. Here are the top 10 worst PC games ever.

 1) Limbo Of The Lost
 This game was a puzzle adventure in the vein of Wolfenstien and Oblivion, however, it did not seem to capture the same magic. This game was a complete failure and was known for steeling graphics from the same engine as Oblivion and Wolfenstien. Even though the graphics were fairly advanced for the time, there was no story line to the game and the story that was in place was inconsistent. One minute you could be rummaging through an old cave and the next minute you could be exploring somebody’s house.

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 2) Animal
 Animal is primarily remembered because of its in-game advertising. This game featured a point and click interface where users could click on the screen to have the main character move around the scene. The problem was that there was no point to actually playing it. While the game tried to feature puzzles throughout, the interest level was so demised that you didn’t care if you ever solved it. Did we mention that the main character was some sort of sausage?

 3) The You Testament
 Most games try to stay away from religion, but The You Testament tried to actually capitalize on it. You play a disciple that follows Jesus around with the ability to actually punch him in the face at some point during the game. While this game did take on a religious standpoint, it was more reminiscent of a wrestling game. Throughout the game you can gain religiously-themed superpowers, but they are boring and ridiculous.

 4) Hellboy
 Hellboy should have been a great game for the PC. Unfortunately, this game has some of the most terrible voiceover work in the industry. Another problem was that the graphics were atrocious and sales were even worse. The fighting scenes were underdone and the storyline is almost nonexistent. The franchise would later be revamped after the hit series of movies were produced.

 5) Toilet Tycoon
 Unquestionably, one of the most appalling games of all time and not only for PC, Toilet Tycoon put you in control of flushing a toilet. The idea of the game is that you run your own series of toilets in a bathroom. You start out with empty stalls and then you can start to customize them with seats, toilet paper and cisterns. People pass and you satisfy their needs so to speak.

 6) Catfight
 Catfight is basically a game where users can make two girls fight each other. While trying to capitalize on the success of Mortal Kombat with the female demographic in mind, this game featured horrible controls, no storyline and even worse graphics.

 7) American McGee’s Bad Day LA
 This game was basically a very bad version of Vice City. You play McGee, a guy is having a bad day in LA. While the story is pretty funny, it gets tiresome when you see some of the same weapons as Vice City with the only exception being that the main character is wearing a coat.

 8 ) Critical Path
 Crotical Path put you in control of a war. Sounds kind of cool, right? Wrong. This game was horrible that it was ripped from the shelves a couple of weeks after being released. Most players could not figure out what button needed to be pressed. The story was atrocious, the graphics were even worse and the game relied on in-game movies instead of interaction.

 9) The South Park Game
 You can still be a fan even if you admit that this game was terrible. The game was rushed and the 3D was terrible. Although you could be all of the characters of the show, the only weapon you could have was a snowball. The game had a cash in feature that would allow you to cash in all of your earn points, however the options were few and far between.

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 10) eXtreme Paintbrawl
 eXtreme Paintbrawl was a game made so eXtremely sloppy that nobody wanted to buy it. The game’s premise was actually kind of cool. You play a paintballer that goes around the city taking out other players. The problem was that this 3-D shooter had a horrible graphics and it took too long to turn around.